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Disability Connections provides advocacy by helping individuals with disabilities to navigate an often complex service delivery system of regulations that may impede access to benefits for which one may be eligible.  During this process, Consumers are encouraged to become their own best advocates by exercising their civil rights against unfair and discriminatory practices.  The Center also engages in systems advocacy, which entails educating policy makers and the broader community about the impact that existing policies and proposed legislation may have on the disability community.


Job Readiness Skills

Disability Connections is a firm proponent of employment for people with disabilities. The Agency encourages employment by providing:

  • Information regarding work incentives

  • Computer classes

  • Interviewing skills training

  • Resume preparation

  • Job seeking skills

  • Workplace accommodations


Peer Support

Whether one has a newly acquired injury or just dealing with life’s many issues, the Disability Connections Center can provide peer support for individuals and groups wishing to better understand living life with a disability. 


Disability Connections provides several forums in which Consumers can forge new friendships, share experiences and find solutions to common issues.  Because Center staff consists primarily of individuals with disabilities themselves, they are in a unique position to serve as peer mentors to Consumers seeking a life of independence.

Visit our calendar page and virtual services page for current scheduled activities and for registration. 



It is Disability Connections's contention that every Texan, regardless of age or disability, deserves the opportunity to live a life of full inclusion.  This program has changed the lives of many individuals by transitioning them from long-term care facilities into a community-based setting of their own choosing. 


Disability Connections facilitates this process by acting as the liaison between the individual and the various agencies and services necessary for a successful relocation. LIFE Inc.'s Home By Choice program can assist with locating housing, transportation options, and grants for paying moving expenses, deposits, household items, and other related costs.

Soon Disability Connections will also provide relocation services from the hospital to home. Check back for more information on this program.


Social and Recreational Services 

Socialization, which occurs through recreational programs, offers opportunities for Consumers to meet new people, develop interpersonal skills, gain self-confidence, and most of all, to have fun.   Providing safe, accessible activities, (i.e., crafts, cultural diversity celebrations, bowling, etc.), helps to avoid isolation, depression and encourages inclusion in the community


Payee Services

Sometimes a person’s ability to maintain independence in the community is threatened by their inability to manage their Social Security benefits.  Poor choices are made, bills go unpaid, or the person may be preyed upon by family or acquaintances who misuse the funds.  For these reasons, the Social Security Administration may require individuals to have a “payee” to manage their benefits.  


Disability Connections is an approved Representative Payee of Social Security benefits and as such, is responsible for receiving and disbursing these funds to ensure that each Consumer can maintain necessities such as housing, utilities, food and access to funds for personal needs

To inquire about payee services, please contact:


Vernice Hemphill

(806) 795-5433 Ext:125

Purchased Goods and Services

IL purchasing services enable Disability Connections to assist non-working Consumers in overcoming barriers to their independence in the community.  Purchased goods and services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Orientation and Mobility Training

  • Hearing Aids

  • Wheelchairs/Scooters

  • Home Modifications

  • Vehicle Modifications

  • Prosthetics

  • Shower Benches

  • Lift Chairs

  • Adjustable Beds


Virtual Services

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2019 - 2021, Disability Connections began the implementation of virtual services using online platforms in order to provide services that would otherwise be unable to be accessed by Consumers. 

Services that we currently provide virtually include but is not limited to:

  • Peer Support

  • Center Activities 

  • Consumer Appointments

Visit our calendar page and virtual services page for current scheduled activities and for registration. 


Youth Transition

Disability Connections also assists students with disabilities to develop the skills they need for transitioning to adulthood and living independently.  Services may include job readiness training, job shadowing, money management, transportation training, locating transitional housing, vocational training, etc.

Peer Support/Purchased Goods
Social and Recerational
Youth Transition
Virtual Services
Job Readiness

Information and Referral Services

Disability Connections's Information and Referral (I&R) Services strive to provide Consumers and their families with timely, comprehensive information on community resources such as adaptive equipment, transportation, accessible housing and food vouchers.  I&R Services are also provided to other agencies and the community at large.


Independent Living Skills (ILS)

Disability Connections provides one-on-one training to assist people with disabilities in acquiring the skills they need such as cooking skills, health maintenance, money management and transportation.  Independent Living Skills Training (ILS) is provided in a classroom setting, thereby encouraging peer support.  For those who prefer more private or discreet ILS assistance, one-on-one training can be provided in the Center, community or in the Consumer’s home.

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